GRUUN is Brussels dialect for ‘green’.

GRUUN is the combo of a plant shop and a coffee bar in the heart of Brussels, located on the cosy square Oud Korenhuis.

GRUUN wants to make Brussels greener: not only in the plant store/coffee bar but as well at everyone’s homes.
Let’s put plants everywhere! You can do this in your room, apartment, on your balcony, window sill, façade garden, etc.
You do not have to have any green fingers, therefor you're welcome at GRUUN.

GRUUN is a place where you can spend some time, where you can ask advice about plants, quickly grab a coffee or just enjoy the green oasis in the city.

Besides a store and a bar, GRUUN also organizes workshops such as how to take care of plants, how to cut them, flower arranging, making macramé pendants, making plant pots....

Contact us if you need help regarding styling your place or offices with some GRUUN.